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SPECIAL BONUS #1: Where to Go Around the World: The Best "Digital Nomad" Outposts for Retirees Earning a Portable Income (VALUE: $29.95).

Retiring to a good-value destination can be a really smart way to lower your costs while you improve your quality of life (and, as it happens, some of the best-value locales lie beyond our borders).

Travel may not be in your cards for the next few weeks—but there will come a time when the planes fly again, and foreign shores will beckon.

And in these lower-cost, greater-value destinations, on a budget that would have you pinching pennies at home, you could afford luxuries like an ocean view, a housekeeper to cook and clean, meals out every day...and still have funds leftover to travel.

You don't have to go someplace full time to benefit from the cost savings and enjoy the adventure, either. You might opt to spend a few months in one spot or hop between several locales—lots of people do.

Still, no matter how affordable a place may be, you can't live anywhere for free. So bringing with you an income that travels can make good sense. And lots of people are doing that these days. We call this group of mobile earners "Digital Nomads."

I'd like to help you join them...but in places that make smart sense for, how shall I say it, the "Silver Digital Nomad" set.

Because some spots are better suited than others when it comes to the ease of working remotely—especially for folks nearing retirement age. You want to be comfortable. You want conveniences like strong wifi, good short-term rental options, good healthcare, easy access to restaurants and cultural offerings, an established expat population you can tap into, and a community of folks who, like you, will be there with their portable incomes—working some and playing some, too.

In the best spots, you find a real sense of camaraderie among the digital nomads—they share intelligence, recommendations, support, and friendships. You can join an ad hoc community, in other words.

So I asked my team to compile a report of the places where you'll find it easiest to settle in and upgrade your retirement.

In Where to Go Around the World: The Best "Digital Nomad" Outposts for Retirees Earning a Portable Income, we pinpoint the seven best cities to consider. We'll tell you about—

In all these places, the infrastructure makes it easy to plug in and earn, the cultures make it easy to relax and enjoy yourself. In Where to Go Around the World: The Best "Digital Nomad" Outposts for Retirees Earning a Portable Income (value: $29.95, yours free), we'll show you where you should head to.

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Thanks to technology, you no longer have to travel to other countries to teach English as a foreign language.

Now you can teach English to students from all over the world…

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For anyone looking to earn extra income without giving up the freedom to spend your days how you want, teaching English via Skype is a white—hot opportunity.

That's because:

This exclusive report will give you all the details on how you can get started as an online English teacher starting today.

You'll find out:

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SPECIAL BONUS #3: The Top Countries Where You Can Easily Fund Your Life and How to Choose the One That's Right For You (VALUE: $29.95).

Let's say you've always liked the idea of making money from anywhere…

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Maybe you'd like to return to somewhere you lived (and loved) years or perhaps decades ago…

…or you'd now like to live somewhere completely new and exciting…

…or…maybe you'd like to go to an "off–the–beaten–path" overseas haven few people know about.

Well… if you're still not sure about where you'd like to make money from (or wouldn't mind some fresh, new ideas on some new places you could "set up shop" for a while in the future)…

…then this special bonus The Top Countries Where You Can Easily Fund Your Life and How to Choose the One That's Right For You will likely be a real eye–opener for you.

This is a really, really special bonus. It's a video presentation by International Living's Suzan Haskins. In it she reveals:

Once you're finished watching Suzan Haskin's The Top Countries Where You Can Easily Fund Your Life and How to Choose the One That's Right For You video presentation, you'll have all kinds of new ideas on where you might like to "set up shop" overseas in the future.

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Jeff D. Opdyke
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